Supporting Materials

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Below you will find numerous items to better support your learning along with the technology developed for ‘Copperplate Script – A Yin & Yang Approach’ by Paul Antonio.

Copperplate Manual Paul Antonio Manual - Signed Copy Digital Manual

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Free Guidelines

Free Copperplate Guidelines A4Free Copperplate Guidelines 8.5 x 11

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These are the guidelines on the inside covers of  ‘Copperplate Script – A Yin & Yang Approach’ by Paul Antonio.

 You can always access these guidelines on this page. Do not bother to email us if you lose them, simply come back here and download them.

Please watch the accompanying video which details the best way to use the guidelines

 New, Updated and Augmented Guidelines 

PAScribe DownloadPAScribe Download

This download will give you access to 17 new guidelines to assist and support you in your understanding of the innovative technology presented in the manual.

They are split into Brush and Nib guidelines. The nib guidelines are further divided into Majuscules and Minuscules or Upper and Lower Case grids.

Use them carefully and consistently choosing the correct guidelines for the exercise you are working on. Do not get attached to one form of the guidelines, as is the tendency, learn to move from one to the other to gain a better grasp of the technology. 

These guidelines are free to download. Check out the video below for more instructions.

Please fill in the below contact form to receive the guidelines, if you have previously filled in contact info on you will still need to fill these in the gain access to the New, Updated and Augmented Guidelines.